The Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing here in Baja California Sur. Government and Health authorities have shut down businesses, closed schools and stopped all construction here in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

Consequently, people are without work and in dire straits trying to feed their families. Our volunteers quickly launched a campaign to supply dog food to local families who were in need.

Our heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who donated to Baja Dogs La Paz,

helping us raise more than $4600 US.

Locating families in need was the next step.  We called on our rescuers who live in many different communities in La Paz. What better resource than our own volunteers.

Weekly, several our volunteers drive out into the community with bags of dog food and distribute it to families who love their dogs but just can’t afford to feed them.


In an effort to expand our community outreach, our volunteers joined FANLAP (Fundación Ayuda Niños la Paz) to send weekly supplies of dog food to more than 150 families.

We teamed up with the Amigos de Navidad and Food for Families in El Centenario who were recently featured in Mexico Daily News.  

Together more than 500 families were served.

Just today, we delivered food to 15 families. The focus was helping seniors and people with disabilities. It is especially hard on extended families who care for their elders or disabled adults and children. When the main breadwinner is out of work then not only their immediate family is in peril but their extended family as well.

Each house we visited we were greeted by a member of the family, either a daughter or grand-daughter and grand-son or mothers of disabled kids.  These folks really do have enough responsibility without worrying about food for the table. Nearly all these families have dogs to feed too.

Even though things are beginning to open here in La Paz many people are still out of work. Some businesses are not going to re-open leaving people scrambling for new jobs. It will take weeks if not months before people feel safe…not only from the virus but from the economy.

All the organizations we worked with are still accepting donations to help feed hungry families. We will continue to supply dog food to families in need until our funds run out. You can help support our efforts to keep dogs with their families and not abandoned on the streets. Your help is always appreciated.