Los perros nunca dejan de sorprenderme por lo resistentes que son. Responden tan bien a cualquier forma de amabilidad de los humanos.. Es muy lamentable que todavía haya tantos humanos que no hayan evolucionado lo suficiente como para reconocer todos los beneficios que los perros aportan a nuestras vidas..

Nuestra misión en Hope 4 La Pawz es trabajar con nuestros rescatistas y empoderarlos para comenzar a cambiar la cultura en Baja.. Lento pero seguro, estamos viendo algunos avances. Pero todavía hay demasiadas Rosie que necesitan nuestra ayuda.. Lea el siguiente segmento de su rescate..

Esa primera semana aquí en mi nuevo hogar de acogida pasó volando. Había tanto que aprender y recordar. Cada vez que tenía la oportunidad, salía con los perros grandes. Presté atención a lo que hicieron y simplemente los seguí..

Cada dia que pasa me siento mas fuerte. me encanta la comida aqui. se que es bueno, mi barriga se siente llena. La picazón prácticamente se ha ido excepto cuando tengo que usar ese collar tonto. Sé que se me cayó la mayor parte del cabello porque escuché al médico decir que tengo sarna demodécica.. I guess it happens sometimes when puppies like me don’t get good food and my immune system shuts down. I feel so much better now that the food and medicines are working.

I still get a bath every couple of days. I am getting used to them and actually starting to like them a bit.

I saw the big girls getting a bath the other day too so that made me feel better. Just like one of the pack.

My foster family must like people because they have people over to the house often. I will bark when someone I don’t know comes to the yard. I want them to know that I will tell my mom they are here. Once my mom says its ok then I go and check them out. I am still pretty shy when it comes to new people, but I am ok with that. The fun part is that when people come to the house there is often really good food for the people. Sometimes if I look really cute, I can score a nibble of something.

The big girls are starting to play with me more now that they know I am staying around for a while. I just love to play and run around with them. I discovered toys too. My mom gave me a good rope to chew on. It is great because I think I am getting some new teeth and having something to chew on feels great.

Tug-a-war is a favorite game that I play with the big girls. Did I mention that I love it here with my foster family?

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a toy and a slipper. Those slippers are so much fun, they smell just like mom and dad. I have been scolded a few times when I get caught with them, but I just can’t resist.

We went for a car ride again to see the doctor. He is really nice, but I got another poke in the butt which I didn’t like much. I heard him say that I was looking very good, “Muy bonita”. And that I was starting to get my hair back again. That’s good because it is too hot during the day and too cold at night without hair.

One day, mom was busy getting ready to go somewhere right after we had breakfast. I didn’t know where, but I could see food being prepared. That is always a good sign. I didn’t know if we were going too until dad said, “okay everyone into the car”. It was a really rough ride, but it didn’t last very long. It was funny I could smell the same scent as when I was abandoned. Oh no, I hope that doesn’t happen again. It smelled like the beach. I couldn’t understand why the big girls were getting so excited.

When we arrived at the beach, mom carried me in my little traveling kennel. I waited until she got everything set up then she let me out. I could see the water and smell all the beach scents. The girls were going wild chasing the ball into the water. I stayed really close to my mom. I didn’t want to get lost again and wind up here all alone. But I didn’t have to worry my mom stayed really close to me and I had fun picking up rocks on the beach.

I am having so much fun and learning so many things. Life is wonderfulI have a family, friends to play with, buena comida, agua, treats when I behave and a warm safe bed to sleep in every night. I love you guys.