At Hope 4 La Pawz, Rosie’s story is a common one. There are so many puppies that are abandoned on the streets with nobody to care for them. It is a sad fact, but for some of these puppies, there is a happy ending because a rescuer, “rescatista”, found it in their heart to pick up the dogs and give them a second chance. Enjoy the story, and if it resonates with you, your donation is always welcome.

Oh my, it was so cold last night, I am so hungry and afraid. I don’t know where my family is. I haven’t seen my mom and siblings for so long I can’t remember where I saw them last.

I really need to find something to eat today but I must stay away from all the big dogs on the beach. They always growl and push me out of the way when I do find something to eat. Just when I think I see someone who might help, they chase me away too.

I am getting so tired, and I am so itchy. I hope someone finds me soon. I don’t know how much longer I can stay out here alone. I see people walking and driving by all the time, but I am so scared because I am so little.

I saw this lady driving by yesterday and I saw her looking at me and for a minute I felt hope. She looked like such a nice lady, and I felt I could trust her. But she didn’t stop. I need to find food and a safe place to sleep. I am so tired.

Hey, that is the same lady I saw yesterday. She is stopping. I better hang back for a minute to make sure she is here to help me. Yes! She wants me to come with her. I have never been in a car before so that was scary, but I knew that I needed to take a chance and go with her.

It was just a short ride and then we were at her house. She was very nice, and she got me some water and some food right away. Wow, was that ever good. I was just going to take a nap when she decided that we needed to go back in the car. Well, the first ride ended up with some food and water so how bad could this be.

We ended up at an office where I knew there were a lot of dogs there before me. The lady brought me to a nice man who looked at me and scraped my skin to see what was making me so itchy. Whatever it is I hope that they can fix it. Everything was good until I felt this sharp poke in my rear end. That didn’t feel so good, but it was over in a minute.

I noticed that the lady was leaving, and I was staying with the man. Now, what was happening? I’m scared again and so sleepy. A young lady picked me up and took me to the back where I had my first bath. I am not sure I like it very much but the water was warm, and I relaxed it felt sooo good. After my bath, the young lady put powder on me and put me in a warm bed.

I slept for a long time and when I woke up, I had some food waiting for me.

Before I knew it my lady was back, and we were off in the car and back to the house where I got the food that first day. I like this place and I am so happy that the nice lady stopped to pick me up. She got me a nice cozy little bed which I got into and quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up, I found more food and water waiting for me. Wow, this is going to be great. I can’t remember the last time my tummy felt full. The lady picked me up and took me to a tub where she gave me another nice warm bath. Boy did that ever feel good. The itching stopped, at least while I was in the tub.

That was the same routine for a few days, bath, food, water, sleep. Food, water, bath, sleep. Ahh, life was good. But I am lonely, I can hear other dogs in the house, but I can’t play with them. I hope I will find some friends soon.