Rescuers, or rescatistas in Spanish, typically have many rescued dogs and they need help finding good homes for them. We at Hope 4 La Pawz have a wellness, food, and adoption program that is designed to help rescatistas with their dogs. Your monthly donations allow us to vaccinate, sterilize and feed more than 50 dogs in our program. Many of them are like Rosie who just need a chance at having a better life. Rosie’s story continues…

Rosie’s friend Poppy

I kind of lost track of time. The lady was really nice and when she came to see me I always got a cuddle. I really liked the steady diet of food and water but I was pretty bored. There wasn’t much to do here in the garage. I really like to run and when I was with my siblings we used to play all day long. I really miss that.

One day the lady picked me and my bed up and we went for another long car ride. When we stopped, we were at another house with a huge yard. There were other dogs there too. But they were big dogs and that scared me. I heard the lady say to me that this is your new Foster family, Rosie.  Oh yeah, I guess my name is Rosie. When they call it out and I come I often get a treat.

My new foster mom picked me up and we walked all around the yard. I was pretty scared so I just stayed really quiet. I was still so itchy but I was afraid to scratch and draw attention to myself so I just stayed real still. It didn’t take long before I felt safe here, especially in my foster mom’s arms.

When the nice lady left, I stayed with my foster family and we started to look around. I was introduced to the big dogs. They sniffed me for a bit but then basically ignored me. That was good, I had enough to deal with just trying to find my way around.

My foster mom showed me where I should be going to do “my business”. I wasn’t sure what that meant but by then I really needed to pee so I went. Wow, I got a cookie and my mom seemed to be very happy with me. I need to remember that.

Then we went into the house. I never got to go into a house before. Even the doorway was scary because that is usually when people would chase me out. But my mom said to come in. It was nice and warm in there. I saw the other dogs come in too so this must be the right thing.

I just wandered around while my mom was busy in the kitchen. I heard the water running. Then there I was in the sink getting another bath. I am not sure that I need so many baths but every time I have one I feel better. Mom had a cloth that she used to scrub my head and my back…ooh that felt good. Then I was wrapped up in a nice warm towel to cuddle and dry. I think I am going to like it here.

I couldn’t help it, I fell asleep. But just for a few minutes. When I woke up my mom had my very own bowl for water and food. The water was clean and cool and tasted so good I had a big drink. Then I was shown where the door to the outside was so I could go and do “my business”. Oh yeah, I remember the treat.

I stayed outside to explore for a while then my mom said to all us dogs “its walk time”. I didn’t know what that meant but the other dogs got very excited. We all stood in the house where mom and dad put strings on the big dogs and went out the door. When we went out of the gate I had no idea what to do so I just stayed close and tried to stay out from under everyone’s feet. We walked on the road and I got to get some really good sniffs. The big dogs seemed to know where they were going so I made sure I stayed close. When I got back to the yard and the house I was very tired and thirsty. I had a big drink but then to my surprise everyone got a treat too.  Man, I am going to like it here.

I am not sure what is going to happen next but I am just going to enjoy this while it lasts.