Home Evaluations

Home evaluators help new rescatistas get their new rescued pup off to a good start. They evaluate things like whether there is a quarantine area needed for the dog, environmental factors surrounding the rescue of the dog that might affect its health, other pets in the home and whether they are vaccinated and sterilized (spayed/neutered), etc. Home evaluators welcome rescatistas to the program and ensure that the dog will be adequately contained and cared for – thus increasing its chances for adoption sooner.

Home evaluators have a friendly manner and work closely with the clinical team concerning any veterinary needs the dog has or other issues that could affect the dog’s health and rehabilitation. Home evaluators always do their evaluation in pairs of 2 and must be bilingual. Read the Responsibilities and Qualifications below for more detail.


  • La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform an in home evaluation for new rescatistas.
  • Provide advice, information, and requirements about the Adoption program
  • Closely work with the clinical a team to concerning any observations made that might affect a new rescue dog’s health.
  • Advise the rescatista concerning puppy-proofing the home as required such ensuring poisonous plants are out of reach, electrical cords are not available for chewing, cleaning products and other hazards are out of reach.
  • Provide advive concerning quarantine areas so new rescues do not infect current dogs in the home
  • Inform the rescatista concerning communicable diseases for which there is no vaccine and therefore other protections need to be in place for other dogs in the home when a new rescue is introduced.
  • Understand the BDLP protocols and communicate those, as necessary, to rescatistas
  • Support the clinic team by scheduling dogs for their exams, initial and follow up.
  • Work compassionately, yet not overcome with emotion.
  • Document home evaluation results in our Animal Shelter Manager database.


  • La Paz Volunteer Orientation
  • Basic Intake Training Course
  • On-the-job training


  • Bilingual since conversations will happen in BOTH languages.
  • An understanding of the services available in La Paz in case the situation calls for referring the dog to another program or area.
  • Detail oriented enough to evaluate the home for the security and safety of the new rescue dog.
  • Compassionate but not overcome with emotion.
  • Patiently and professionally convey to new rescatistas the steps they need to take to assure the health of their new rescued dog as well as that of other dogs in their home.
  • Ability to keeping records organized and well documented.
  • Basic computer skills to input results of homechecks, personal observations, and other important data about the dog and foster home into our Animal Shelter Manager system.
  • Understanding of the overall process of getting a dog from rescue to adoption.
  • Ability to work with a team and to coordinate with other volunteers, especially the clinical team.
  • Ability to follow predefined protocols.
  • Successful completion of Volunteer Orientation.
  • Successful completion of Basic Intake Training Course.

Time Commitment:

  • Approximately 10 hours per week