Once a lively explorer, Bingo reveled in the joy of going for walks and embarking on car rides to unfamiliar destinations, immersing himself in a symphony of scents and the captivating allure of new sounds. But fate dealt him a cruel blow one fateful day when his car journey took an unexpected turn. As the car came to a halt, Bingo eagerly anticipated his owners’ arrival, only to be met with their absence as the vehicle sped away, leaving him stranded and bewildered.

Alone and abandoned, Bingo’s ears perked up at the approaching rumble of an oncoming car. Hope surged within him, believing that his family had returned. Yet, his heart sank as the speeding vehicle raced past, leaving him trembling in its turbulent wake. Another car followed suit, its velocity instilling fear deep within his soul. Lost and vulnerable, Bingo found himself trapped on the bustling highway, a place where his lack of sight rendered him defenseless against the chaotic world.

The highway where Bingo was abandoned.

Time blurred as Bingo navigated the precarious highway, his heightened senses serving as his guiding light. The scents of danger and anticipation intermingled in the air, the hot pavement against his paws a constant reminder of his predicament. Just as despair threatened to engulf him, a car came to a halt, compassionate strangers emerging to offer solace and security.

Gentle and affectionate, Bingo harbors no trace of aggression and relishes the company of his fellow canines. His unhurried gait may belie his eagerness to embark on leisurely strolls, tracing the world through his discerning nose and the touch of his paws against the earth. An ideal home for Bingo would be one filled with patient souls, ready to embrace his blindness and shower him with the love and care he so deserves.

Bingo’s journey has not been without its trials, as he battles a bacterial infection known as Erlichiosis. Once this hurdle is overcome, he will undergo his much-needed neuter surgery, marking the final step on his path to recovery. Soon, his spirited presence will grace the pages of our website, beckoning to those who seek a faithful companion like him.

We implore you to share Bingo’s story, for he yearns to find his forever home—a place where love and understanding will envelop him in warmth. Moreover, we kindly ask for your support through donations, ensuring that dogs like Bingo can continue to receive the necessary aid and care upon rescue.

Let Bingo’s tale resonate far and wide, guiding him towards the loving embrace of his forever family. Together, let us champion the cause of compassionate rescue, offering hope to those who need it most.

UPDATE: Bingo has been adopted and is thriving! Thanks to all who share these stories and help us find homes and hope for these stray/abandoned dogs in La Paz.