Izzy's 3rd and last litter

Little Bruno



Shortly after rescue

Continued from Story of Izzy – Part 2

We knew there was a good chance that Izzy had given birth, when her buddy Grey was hanging around by himself.

My friend Isaac and I planned to go out early one morning to see if we could spot her or where she had made a den for the pups. It was just after 7am and we were walking in their favorite haunts but couldn’t see them. We went to the spot where we saw them last and started going to the road they crossed. Before we got there Isaac said, “there she is” and of course I was looking in the wrong place and I couldn’t see her. He said she is right there under the sidewalk. Sure, enough she was laying there with her babies under the sidewalk where the concrete had been undermined and there was a hole big enough for her to crawl in. But it was right over top the culvert and next to a very busy road. Not a good choice to have 5 newborn babies. Three of her babies had slipped down the embankment about 2 feet, not far but for the new-born pups it could have been a mile.

She stayed with her pups until we got too close then she escaped out the side.  We thought we might be there for the day waiting for her to return. But it was only about 10 minutes later that she came back to the den. It was then that Isaac rushed over and grabbed her before she could escape again. Once he had her under his arm, she was wagging her tail and showed no signs of aggression at all. We put her in a crate and reunited her with her puppies. Both of us breathed a sigh of relief that we were able to recuse this uncatchable dog.

Just like Izzy’s previous litters, all of our puppies are put up for adoption as soon as they were vaccinated and spay/neutered. Your donation helps us with all of the puppies and dogs we rescue — because we know that as long as there are abandoned dogs like Izzy on the streets, there is always a next litter.

Puppies we rescue cost an average of $575 each. Some of the ways you can help include:

  • $10 USD – vaccinates a puppy;
  • $25 USD – spays or neuter a puppy;
  • $50 USD – feeds 3 puppies for a month;
  • $100 USD – pays for needed surgeries

We are hoping to take in more rescued puppies this winter and need your help!

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