Intake Specialist

Intake specialists work with rescatistas who have new rescues. They evaluate the intake form and whether a new rescue can be helped by our program. They talk directly with rescatistas concerning of the steps they will need to take to help their dog become adoptable.

Intake specialists have a friendly manner and work closely with the clinical team concerning any veterinary needs the dog has. Anyone with a background in health care delivery such as clinical workers or RNs would naturally find the intake process we follow to be very similar to that of a health care facility such as clinic or hospital. Read the Responsibilities and Qualifications below for more detail.


  • La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review intake forms in 2 languages for completeness, accuracy, and consistency, and communicate with the rescatista concerning missing or inadequate information
  • Scrutinize intake forms for signs of program abuse. For instance, our program is an adoption program designed to get rescued dogs off the streets. We want to be certain that all of our resources are only being utilized for rescue dogs that are up for adoption.
  • Closely work with the clinical a team to ensure new intakes can be helped with our program
  • Evaluate the steps necessary for the new rescue to be adoptable and communicate those, in general, to the rescatista
  • If the intake form is in order, add the dog to our Wait List and schedule a home visit, if required.
  • Direct the rescatista to alternate resources or services if our program is not a good fit for their situation or the dog they rescued
  • Understand the BDLP protocols and communicate those, as necessary, to rescatistas
  • Adhere to our caseload requirements and admit dogs as we have the resources to support them
  • Conduct telephone interviews with rescatistas
  • Interact with rescatistas concerning the behavior and temperament of dogs listed on intake forms to ensure a best fit.
  • Work compassionately, yet not overcome with emotion.
  • Process intake forms within our Animal Shelter Manager database.


  • La Paz Volunteer Orientation
  • Basic Intake Training Course
  • On-the-job training


  • Bilingual or strong Spanish language skills are necessary since many conversations will happen over the telephone, via Whatsapp, or in person in BOTH languages.
  • An understanding of the services available in La Paz in case the situation calls for referring the rescatista and dog to another program or area.
  • Detail oriented enough to evaluate the dogs temperament and current known health conditions.
  • Compassionate but not overcome with emotion.
  • Patiently convey to new rescatistas the steps they need to take to assure the health of their new rescued dog as well as that of other dogs in their home.
  • Ability to keeping records organized and well documented.
  • Cell phone, charged, with Whatsapp for communication for communication.
  • Basic computer skills to input intake forms, results of homechecks, personal observations, and other important data about the dog and foster home into our Animal Shelter Manager system.
  • Understanding of the overall process of getting a dog from rescue to adoption.
  • Ability to work with a team and to coordinate with other volunteers, especially the clinical team.
  • Ability to follow predefined protocols.
  • Successful completion of Volunteer Orientation.
  • Successful completion of Basic Intake Training Course.

Time Commitment:

  • 5 hours per week or more depending on desired caseload