Store Keepers

Store Keepers are friendly, greet customers, and help them with their shopping needs. The Store Keepers are responsible for finding items in the store, providing information about specials and order stocking for customers if necessary. They have excellent interpersonal skills and are able to balance customer satisfaction with meeting financial objectives of the store. They are responsible for stock and planning promotional campaigns for the store. They convey to interested visitors concerning what we do, our mission, and goals.


  • La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Key Responsibilities:

Store Keepers take stock of inventory, manage the store layout, supervise other Store Keepers and keep records of sales.

  • Greet customers.
  • Find items for customers.
  • Provide information about products or current specials.
  • Ring up purchases.
  • Elevate complaints to the store manager.
  • Keep the store organized and tidy.
  • Ensure that items are priced and labeled correctly.
  • Order items for customers.
  • Respond to customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner.
  • Develop and arrange promotional material and in-store displays.
  • Monitor inventory levels and order new items.
  • Keep a record of sales and restock the store accordingly.
  • Plan promotional campaigns for new products or specials.
  • Ensure that the store is kept clean and organized.


  • Volunteer Orientation
  • On-the-job training


  • Must be organized and punctual.
  • Well-presented and professional.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Cultural sensitivity.
  • Ability to stay motivated during busy shifts and during very slow times.
  • Basic mathematic skills.

Time Commitment:

  • 4 hours per week or more if desired. However, it is important to be at the store during your shift so it is open during store hours and adequately staffed.