Web design and support

Our website is the primary method by which our dogs get adopted. We use Adopt-A-Pet for advertising, but the details and information about each dog is on the website and that is where potential adopters are directed. In addition, it contains links for donations, event information, and many other critical functions for communicated with the public. We use WordPress for our site with a series of plugins. Web designers help build and optimize our site as well as other online applications such as our online forms. We need people familiar with css, html, and other programming languages used in website design work as well as SEO best practices.


  • La Paz, BCS, Mexico
  • San Diego, CA, USA
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Anywhere else

Key Responsibilities:

We need reliable, detail-orientated web designers who can communicate effectively with the rest of the team to determine website specifications, obtain and post content and other media. Responsibilities include:

  • Interpreting specifications and identifying website user requirements.
  • Creating timeframes and work schedules to meet deadlines.
  • Communicating effectively with non-technical team members.
  • Debugging websites and ensuring software documentation is updated.
  • Liaising with mobile developers.
  • Conducting research and keeping abreast of social media marketing trends.
  • Coordinating with social media volunteers.


  • Willingness to support the Baja Dogs mission
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • High concentration level.
  • Good task management.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Practical experience with content management systems.
  • Experience diagnostic tools.
  • Superb interpersonal, and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Successful completion of Baja Dogs La Paz Volunteer Orientation Course


  • Volunteer Orientation
  • Introduction to current web site and underlying code
  • On-the-job training

Time commitment:

  • Approximately 10 hours per week or more if desired. Recommend more time in the beginning to retain the information learned during training.